Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Movie : Interactive Murders

Interactive Murders (HK 2002)

Someone is kidnapping celebrities in HK and boasting about it on the internet, enter Andy Hui who plays an ex-cop bought in to help out. Even with his expertise the cops are getting nowhere fast and the kidnapper (played by Ronald Cheng) displays his captured celebrities in glass boxes. Then enters a HK female geek cum mystic (Nicola Cheung) who had predicted the kidnaps. She becomes a celebrity and then herself becomes the latest victim.

This is an interesting though slightly far fetched crime drama and of course suffers like so many films and TV programmes back then which featured the "internet" in that the internet portrayed is very fanciful with full screen animations and plenty of exciting looking flashing screens. The "interactive" part of the film is actually true as the audience are invited to take part in some of the puzzles such as when the kidnapper tests the police out with a spot the difference test.

At the end of the film we get bolted on a twist and this maybe stretches credibility a bit too far when we find out the events of the film and the motivations of the major players were not quite as they seemed. Personally i think the film would have been better off a straight kidnap drama without the twist which is a little too cute. However those criticisms aside this is a very interesting and enjoyable little movie.
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