Friday, March 30, 2012

Killing End (HK 2001)

Killing End is nothing that new, its a HK gangster film involving gangsters and police wrapped up in a brutal story that can only end in tragedy. However this Herman Yau film starring Andy Hui and Loletta Lee is very well done and well worth watching. One reason for this is the characterisation. The main characters in this film are more than your usual "troubled cop", "vicious gangster" stereotypes.

Take Andy's character for example, a cop in an impossible situation. He knows his police precinct is corrupt thus making his fight against the local gangsters hopeless but he continues onwards despite everything collapsing around him. Loletta Lee also plays a great role as a young woman with mental health issues who gets wrapped up with the story, and with Andy.

Things come to a head when Andy kills the Triad boss' son. Then Andy is marked for death. Can he avoid it?

A film well worth your time.
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